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Kiralama Sözleşmesi (en)

ÇAKIRLAR OTOMOTİV (and / or authorized ÇAKIRLAR ) called “LESSOR” rents to the “LESSEE” whose signature appears on the front page of this “Rental Agreement” under the terms & conditions here and effective ÇAKIRLAR Turkey tariffs at the time of rental.
a) The lessor rents vehicle under the terms and conditions stated in details below for the said duration. The Lessee, with his signature, acknowledges that he/she, received the vehicle in proper operating, condition, live tires in good condition, with complete set of tools-accessories and car papers and agrees to return the vehicle under the same conditions on the agreed date, time and place. The Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand at Lessee’s expense if vehicle is used in violation of this agreement. Minumum rental is 1 day. If the daily rental period is exceeded by 30 minutes, anotherfull day will be charged.
b) The Lessee is expected to look after the vehicle carefully and in particular not allowed it to be used as mentioned in the clauses below.
1 - To transport goods in violation of Customs Regulations or any other illegal purposes,
2- To push ortow any vehicle or any other rolling or non-rolling object,
3- In motor sports (rally, racing speed testing or reliability trials or to drive on road not oper to and/or suitable for normal traffic),
4- To exceed the limits established by the manufacturerforthe number of passengers and/or load capacity to be carried in the vehicle,
5- For paid carriage of passengers or goods whatever the method of payment of the written or oral contract.
6- While customer or additional driver of the vehicle is under influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiluratesetc,
7- By any person otherthan Lessee can use the vehicle if such person is registered accepted as additional driver on the front page of this agreement.
8- Unless of the written permission of the Lessor, the car must not be driven outside the boundaries of the Turkish Republic.
9- In geographical areas which have been defined by the authorities as restricted ones.
c) The vehicle may be driven only by the person (s), subject to Lessors prior authorization, and previded the fits the (terms and conditions, registering his name on the Rental Agreement, otherwise all insurance become void.
d) Lessee, undertakes to pay, in the event of loss of car-papers and/or plate (s) the rental charges and re-issuning expenses until the renewal of the these items.
e) Traffic fines: Tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period are at renters expense. If any traffic tickets has to be paid by the Lessor an administration fee of 25% will be added.
f) Confiscation of the car by authorities, due fault of the Lessee or not, Lessee undertakes to pay all-the rescue expenses well as the rental charges up to date of rescue.
g) Lessee, during the rental period will be responsible for the periodical maintenance (greasing, lubrication, water level etc) of the vehicle and be must present receipted bills, in the Lessor’s name in orderto obtain reimbursement. On the road expenses will only be reimbursed against receipted bills in the name of Lessor’s after his written confirmation. Normal mechanical wear repair expenses is for accounts of the Lessor. However in the event of any damage repair needed by any cause other than normal wear, in the event of freezing of the motor or in similar occasions. Lessee agress to pay all the damages at his expenses, as well as the transportation expenses of the vehicle. Lessee also undertakes to pay the rental charges of the vehicle for the days aut of work the basis of the valid tariff.
h) Lessee, during or before the rental period or after delivering the vehicle, discharges the Lessor from the responsibility of loos or damage of and goods left in or carried by the vehicle.
i) Any supplementary or change clauses in terms and conditions are not valid unless agreed and insoribed by both sides.
j) Lessor and Lessee both agrees to preserve their mutual benefits in tracing their rights againts third party, authorizing to represent each other in proportion with their rights and be responsible for juridical expenses this proportion.
k) In case of an accident the replacement car service may be provided if the necessary accident reports and other documents are obtained The lessor preserves the rights not to provide replacement car. A replacement car could be delivered within 24 hours in case of maintenance, and within 48 hours in case of an accident. The replacement vehicle will be delivered with full tank and should be returned with a full tank, if not the lessor will charge the lessee for the fuel adding a refuelling service fe 50%. In case of an accident; If the insurance obligations are not fullfiled the lessor will continue to charge forthe days until the damaged car is repaired and in use again.
l) The Lessee shall in no event assing, sail hypothecate of piedge this contract, the vehicle ifs equipment or tools, of treat the same in any way detrimental to the Lessor. Any intraction or any these undertakings empowers the Lessor to demand return of the vehicle for with without being required to furnish justification or make any payment whatever.
m) The ental car is delivered to the lessee with a full tank and should be returned full. If not the lessor will charge an additional refuelling charge between 30%-100%
n) In case the renter extends the rental duration the terms and conditions in that contract will be valid.
o) Any disputes arising hereunder shall be referred to Trabzon Law Courts and execution courts.
Lessee shall pay and charges shown on the front page or mentioned in the currents fantis. Lessee aouthorises the Lessor to charge his credit card provided at time of rental for all costs ocurring with this rental.
The Lessor covered his vehicles by a compulsory third part insurance to the Law on State Highways Traffic. .
Please find the details in ÇAKIRLAR insurance leaflet valid in all our branches.
1 - CDW: Collission Damage Waiver:
The Lessee by signing his intials in the space “Accepted” on the front page of Rental Agreement, and by paying the supplementary fees in accordance with currently valid price lists, may waive his liability for normal damages to the vehicle. Otherwise, in case of damages, even partially, or loss of the vehicle, “Lessee” will be liable for the complete damage. The Collissin Damage Waiver exempts from liability in case of grossly neqligent or deliberate contrvention of the rental conditions, legal regulations or insurance conditions.
2-TP: Theft Protection:
TP is a seperate protection drawn up in orderto secure the client against claims meterial liability and for damages accurring from the theft of the vehicle or its components. The Lessee, may at his option, may waive the whole liability of the total loss of the vehicle or its components by signing the TP Accept box, and paying the appropriate rate. When not driving, the Lessee has the duty of packing the car in a closed and locked state in a manner to secure it. If the vehicle is not found after the theft the Lessee’s maximum liability is limited with the 45 days of rental charge from the regular tariff. If the doesn’ have any negligence such as leaving the keys on the ignition, giving the keys to someone etc, in such cases. Lessor may ask the whole amount of car price if the component parts and accessories of the vehicle are stolen, the maximum liability is limited to the disbursement of their value in the event, of vehicle suflering damages on account or such their, the Lessee is liable for the cost and expenses for workmanship, subslituted parts; parking during the maintanence period, towing the vehicle loss of profit operation expenses. If the Lessee is accepting to enter in the scheme of the said insurance is subject to theft he must produce evidence there of by a statement isued from the police department orthe gendarme.
3 - PAI: Personal Accident Insurance:
This optional insurance provides the coverage for driver and for all the passengers in the ÇAKIRLAR car against personal injuries in case of an accident. This sum is divided by passangers who claims reimbursement. Lessee should sign PAI Accept box and pay the appropriate rats.
4 - LIS: Liability Insurance Supplement:
The coverage amounts for third parties included may be increased up to shown amounts is ÇAKIRLAR insurance leaflet by signing the LIS accept box and paying the appropriate rate. This is to provide additional coverage to CDW for small damages up to 500.00 TL where an accident report can not be obtained. This protection generally covers windscreen, flat tire, headlight damages.
CDW, TP PAI, LIS and LCF are valid only when the following conditions are fulfilled.
a) The Lessee is obliged to deliver to the Lessor notify within 48 hours to the latest, an accident report, an alcohol report, issued by the nearest competent authority (Traffic police, Local Police Station within city limits & Gendarme beyond city limits) and indicating the details as how to the accident occurred, together with the list of the name and address of eye witnesses and similar documentation and information.
b) If not substantiated by a medical report as being unable to do so, the Lesses must immidiately inform the Lessor abountthe accident, The Lessee shall not interfere in the damaged vehicle and shall put the vehicle under protection. Theft of several articles from the vehicle is underthe liability of the Lessee for damages.
c) The Lessee shall be liable for third part damages exceeding the legal limits of insurance. The claims by accident victims their relatives for mental anguish shall be met by the Lessee. The right of recourse of the Lessor is reserved.
d) The vehicle is insured only forthe rental period shown on the Rental Agreement, Therefore, unless an extension is agreed, the Lessor declines all responsibility for accidents which the Lessee may have caused and for which he alone shall be responsible.
e) If the driver is underthe influance of alcohol or drugs, the Lessee and/forthe driver shall be liable for all injury sustained by the Lessor.
f) The Lessor; whose any act or failure not atributable to himself, has the right to claim from the Lessee the damages he sustained and loss forthe days the vehicle remained out of use. Such losses for days the vehicle remained out of use shall be calculated on the basis of the daily rental prescribed in the tariff of ÇAKIRLAR Turkey effective at the time of rental
g) The present rental agereement shall prevail over all other existing and future agreements or protocols between the Lessor and the Lessee. The provisions of other contracts shall be valid in case of the present contract remain silent.
h) The acceptance of CDW, TP PAI and LIS are void in case of any accident where police and medical reports are not obtained immediately, without moving the car form the accident area, of if the car is driven under influence of alcohol, or if the car is driven above the legal speed limits. A process verbal must be established by the police or gendarme authorites. Lessee should inform Lessor about the accident or theft immediately.
i) Windscrenn, side windows anchor headlights damages, tire damages can only be covered by accepting and paying for LCF protection explained above. The coverage limit is maximum 500.00 TL.
Forthe mentioned amount of compensatiosn in TL Turkish Central Bank Exchange rates will be applied on the payment date.
For any conditions not stated in that contract, the current terms and conditions brochures will be refferred.


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